The Dos and Don’ts of a Thanksgiving Marriage Proposal

Should you drop to one knee on Thanksgiving Day and propose marriage to your girlfriend? Holidays are famous for these events, but there are some pitfalls along the way. As a long-time jeweler who has sold countless vintage engagement rings to eager fiancés-to-be, Peter Suchy has some suggestions for doing it right.

Do …
Know that the answer is going to be “yes.” There is nothing as awkward for everyone involved than seeing your dreams of marriage shot down with a “no.” It makes dessert weird and may even lead to the disbanding of the entire get-together. So, unless you and your bride-to-be have discussed marriage and there is a consensus that she is interested, it is best to wait.
Read the family’s mood. If you are attending a pleasant Thanksgiving meal, you should be fine. If there are strains between some individuals – perhaps your brother is getting a divorce or your sister just decided to join a commune – it is best not to proceed with the public engagement.
Have the ring on hand. It should be properly sized, perfectly suited to your girlfriend’s taste and professionally polished.
Think through your question. A marriage proposal can be simple or complex. If you opt for complexity, practice what you will say. There will be a lot of onlookers and you will find yourself quite nervous. If you have practiced, you can make it through the proposal without stumbling over your words.
Don’t …
Never overshadow someone else’s announcement. If your second cousin beats you to the punch and proposed to his girlfriend, quietly save your proposal for another occasion.
Never blindside your family. You should at least let the hostess of the Thanksgiving meal in on your plans. If she has any reservations, she can tell you right there and then. Respect her wishes and choose a different time for your proposal.
Do not put the ring inside food. Some folks have put it in anything from the stuffed turkey to the pie after dinner. If your girlfriend is not paying attention, she may swallow the jewel. Even if she doesn’t and the surprise goes off as planned, you are proposing with a greasy ring that has food clinging to it. This does not make a great impression for the cameras. 
By the way, you can still propose privately on Thanksgiving Day and then announce it to the family. Simply take the customary after-dinner walk around the neighborhood with your girlfriend, propose on bended knee, and then return with your fiancée and great news to share with the family.
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