When Only Elsa Peretti Masterpieces Will Do

You already know Elsa Peretti as one of Tiffany & Co.’s most prolific designers. You may not be aware that many of her pieces are affordably priced, which appeals to younger wearers as well as those with an eye on the budget. If the prospect of putting together a collection of Peretti’s pieces looks like […]

Top Three Hot Necklace Trends for the Summer

The necklace is a beautiful accessory. It supports any style you favor. Available in plain diamond-by-the-yard designs or colorful statement necklace displays, they are ideal multi-purpose pieces for your collection. We have noticed that three distinct trends are emerging this summer. The Daily Wear Piece It is so much fun to wear that you select […]

You Need More Soft Gold Tones in Your Jewelry Box!

The soft yellow tones of gold are ideal for accessorizing any spring wardrobe. Moreover, while gold is, of course, the perfect material to deliver it, sometimes the rich tones come from a different material altogether. Can you guess what that is? What are your options? Victorian Moonstone Pendant Chain in Yellow Gold  A rare cat’s […]

Welcome Spring with Bird Themed Jewelry

There is no denying it: spring is here! We have seen birds flying around with nesting materials in their beaks. If ever there was a harbinger of the season, it is this one. Celebrate the spring season with a bird-themed, vintage jewel.  Vintage Gold Swallow Pin  Measuring 54.74mm in width and 28.33mm from tail feather […]

Top 4 Hot Engagement Ring Settings

Would you believe that the hottest engagement ring settings, which are currently all the rage, have vintage jewelry equivalents? While folks are out there spending countless dollars on mass-produced mold jewelry, you have the option of being just as stylish but saving money while frequently buying unique and commonly handmade vintage masterpieces. 1. The Open […]