Perfect Earrings for Any Summer Wardrobe

Do you still need a pair of perfect summer earrings? This set of jewels accessorizes the wardrobe choices you commonly favor when the weather gets hot. When you are not sure that you have the right options available, you still have time to augment your vintage jewelry collection with a pair or earrings (or two) […]

How to Transition from Spring to Summer Jewelry

Fashion style guides aside, there is a marked difference between the types of jewels we favor in the spring and those that we select in the summer. For starters, spring jewelry is frequently themed. A good example is this 1960s three-bird pin featuring 45 single-cut diamonds with a collective weight of .30cts and three baroque […]

Colorless or Near Colorless Diamonds?

The diamond that you would identify as white is a stone that does not show any tints. However, not every colorless diamond is created equal. In the jewelry trade, we give truly colorless diamonds a D through F rating, which means that it takes an expert to differentiate any minute color traces. A near colorless […]

Satisfy Your Craving for Brown Diamond Jewelry

There are some misconceptions about brown diamonds. For starters, not every brown diamond is identical to another. Depending on the location of the mine they come from – you find some of these mines in Brazil, Australia, and the Congo – they present with orange or yellow tints, which creates a highly individualized brown hue. […]

Is Your David Yurman Collection Complete?

You already know David Yurman as the designer who made the cable look famous. It is so distinctive that you can easily tell apart his work from the artisanship of other designers – even from across a room. If you already have some Yurman pieces in your collection, you know how easy it is to […]

The Many Faces of the Sapphire

Traditionally, the sapphire is known as the blue stone because of the combination of iron and corundum. But the gem’s story does not end there. A wide variety of element inclusions results in different color displays. Pink, black, yellow and green sapphires are not unusual. Clear stones, too, have found their ways into the jewelry […]