Who is Behind the Asch Grossbardt Designs?

If you are an inlaid jewelry aficionado, you are undoubtedly familiar with the Asch Grossbardt name. But who is the mysterious jewelry designer who has a unique eye for stone and metal combinations? Behind the Asch Grossbardt name, there were initially Larry Asch, Jerome Grossbardt, and Grossbardt’s son, Eric. Although only Eric is still alive, […]

Our Favorite Italian Vintage Jewels

When a trip to Italy is not in your cards this year, treat yourself to authentic vintage Italian jewelry. The next best thing to visiting the tourist attractions and making these finds on your own is the opportunity to pick out something that has withstood the test of time. We have put together a collection […]

Nothing Says Summer Like Vintage Red Coral Jewelry

What sets apart precious corals from others is the color you see. Vibrant reds and deep pinks are hallmarks of these marine animals. Vintage jewelry makers would rely on specimens from the Mediterranean Sea to create the most stunning pieces. Nowadays, reef destruction and harvesting bans make the finds of red corals in particular relatively […]

Colorful, Eye-Catching Earrings? We Have Those!

Finding the right set of earrings to accessorize formal or relaxed afternoon wear is not as easy as it sounds. While some pieces are so well designed that they appear at home in any setting, these are rare. If there is still something missing from your jewelry wardrobe’s earring collection, we may have exactly what […]

Our Favorite Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings

The other day, we discussed that Millennials, as a group, seem to shy away from buying white diamond engagement rings. Rather than purchasing a piece of jewelry based on established traditions, these shoppers like to make their marks and go for taste rather than convention. If you, too, prefer a gorgeous colorful gem as the […]