Hinged Bracelets for Any Occasion

The hinged bracelet creates an attractive appearance on the wrist. It is a staple of any well-apportioned jewelry collection. In addition to having appeal when selecting accessories for a formal wardrobe, this jewel type also does very well for casual settings. What are your options? Hinged 1960s Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet  Look carefully; you will […]

When Only Pink Gold Will Do

White and yellow gold are materials that artisans frequently use for their creations. Occasionally, you will also find pink gold. Also known as rose gold, this metal brings a fantastic look to your collection. In fact, we have devised a 10-point scale to help us describe the appearance of the material more adequately. If you […]

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry on a Budget? You Bet!

After discussing lapis lazuli jewelry just recently, we have had plenty of interest from customers who are looking for budget-friendly pieces that would play a secondary role to a ring or statement necklace with shared features. Do we have inexpensive lapis pieces that fit the bill? You bet! Deep Blue Lapis Clip Post Earrings in […]

Exploring the Beauty of Textured Gold

Polished, shiny gold is the way that we are most familiar with the metal. It is the material that contemporary jewelers like to use for ring settings and similar jewels. However, did you know that texturing gold adds an entirely new level of interest to the designs of the pieces? Vintage jewelry proves that artisans […]

Cocktail Rings for Any Occasion

The cocktail ring is an oversized jewel that easily becomes the focal gem of your wardrobe accessories. Sometimes referred to as a cluster ring when featuring multiple small stones, it is a must-have part of your collection. We have put together an assortment of cocktail rings that are suitable for a broad range of occasions. […]