Stunning Cocktail Rings for Holiday Parties

With the holidays approaching full swing, the idea of visiting relatives, going to themed parties, and attending dinners is becoming a concern. How can you stand out and look fabulous? Styles come and go, of course, but vintage cocktail rings always stand the rest of time. There is nothing more chic than a chunky ring […]

Stunning Pearl Jewelry

The pearl. An elegant piece of nature that can be manipulated into a stunning assortment of jewelry. While many are, no doubt, aware of the different forms a pearl can be worn, the subtle differences in design are often criminally overlooked and ignored for simpler pearl choices. The pearls you’ll find at Peter Suchy Jewelers […]

Why Emeralds Are For Everyone

Emeralds are wondrous jewels that are shaped and molded into so many different forms. These unique cuts, along with the brilliant color of the emerald, can suit all sorts of styles and presentations for different types of people, making them very versatile. Finding a variety of emerald jewelry can be different for when looking for estate jewelry […]

Why You Should Shop at Peter Suchy Jewelers

With many different vintage jewelry sellers online, we totally understand why it may be tough to decide what company you should trust with your money. To help you come to the best decision for you, we’ve put together this guide to share with you 5 reasons why Peter Suchy Jewelers is the right estate jewelry […]

Is a Vintage Engagement Ring Right For You?

Engagement rings are the definition of love and hope for the future. When you give this ring to your hopeful fiance, they immediately start to think of their future wedding and all the events leading up to and coming after it. But what happens when you give them a vintage engagement ring? Would the history […]