Delicate Filigree Jewelry

There is nothing more gorgeous than vintage filigree jewelry and we have a large selection of filigree jewelry online, including art deco rings, bracelets, and necklaces. These delicate networks of metalwork make beautiful gifts for your family, or even yourself! Classified as twisted threads of metal to create an intrigue design, you have got to […]

Natural Gemstone Necklaces

Nothing shines brighter than a gemstone necklace. These beautiful necklaces of sapphire, ruby, opal, and other natural gemstone necklaces help bring attention together necklace while also setting an intention for elegance. At Peter Suchy Jewelers we have such a lovely selection of precious gem jewelry that you are going to have a hard time choosing. […]

Vintage Rose Gold Jewelry For the New Year

Rose gold jewelry. A beautiful jewelry tone that makes a beautiful pink tone in your gold. Peter Suchy Jewelers is one of the finest sellers of antique jewels, and, of course, sell a wide selection of rose gold precious metal jewelry. With a varying degree of pink in each piece, we’ve selected some of our favorites from our […]

Shopping for Vintage Engagement Rings

A person’s wedding and engagement rings are extremely important. Your engagement ring has to show the world your style and your love as one symbol. So what makes a great ring? How unique it is? It’s stylistic impact? Perhaps it’s the high quality of the ring itself? The answer is all of the above. But […]

Classic Victorian Jewelry

The Victorian era brought such beautiful collections of jewelry to the world, pieces of substantial value and high quality. Pins, earrings, rings, chains, the list goes on. Not familiar with these kinds of jewelry pieces? The victorian style covers the years 1837 to 1901, marked as ending after the death of Queen Victoria. These authentic […]

Cartier Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a time of joy, celebration, and, of course, gift giving. Cartier has many different kinds of jewelry to accommodate your loved ones this year, giving you so many options to work with. We love the prestige of this brand, as their jewelry is of such a high quality that it makes their […]

Chandelier Earrings for Holiday Parties

The holidays are in full swing this year and, as such, you will probably be attending a lot of parties and holiday gatherings over the next few weeks. Accessorizing your outfit for these parties and gatherings is vital because you don’t want to repeat too many looks. Well, in the case of those perfect earrings […]

Vintage Ruby Rings

Ruby rings have a sort of intense beauty to them. A type of beauty that comes off as so lively that when it comes to selecting the perfect ruby ring, maybe even a ruby engagement ring, you have trouble. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, these thoughts are more than answered. Peter Suchy Jewelers features a bevy […]

Beautiful Cable Jewelry from David Yurman

David Yurman jewelry is the cream of the crop, the best of the best. It can actually be intimidating to find the David Yurman jewelry item that is perfect for you since there are so many stunning pieces to choose from. That’s where Peter Suchy Jewelers come in, with their finest collection of antique and […]

The Perfect Tiffany’s Holiday Gifts

Tiffany & Co, a brand whose name has so much recognition. Even the name itself implies high quality. Their jewelry is a classic holiday gift staple, both as a gift for yourself and for your friends and loved ones. We have a beautiful selection of Tiffany & Co jewelry online that we know you will […]