Vintage Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds are beautiful pieces of work that can be worn in many different styles. One such style, the necklace, in itself can come in a variety of designs, which makes diamond necklace shopping a rich experience. On the flip side, it also makes diamond necklace shopping difficult because of the thousands of style options. Luckily, we have […]

Vintage Date Night Jewelry

Date night is one of the biggest things couples can do with each other. It’s a night filled with fun, cuteness, and memorable moments. Of course, what you wear on your date night is always an important and personal decision and what accessories you chose can either make or break an outfit, To give you […]

Stand Out Vintage Pins

Pins are often overlooked, which is a shame since they make for the perfect accessory for any outfit. They add something special to your jackets and dresses, adding a unique flare to describe your personality. That’s especially true for vintage pins, as you aren’t likely to find another pin like it in terms fo style […]

The Unique Beauty of Jade Jewelry

Jade jewelry are unique wonders to behold. The green gemstone, which comes in so many shapes and sizes, captivates with his almost glowy presence. Those that want to add to their vintage jewelry collection will love the stunning nature that is this gemstone, as it can look so different depending on it’s cut and color. […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is closer than we think and the time to start thinking of what to buy your special someone is now. While hearts are used to store chocolates, or are the form that Valentine’s Day cards come in, hearts look much more attractive as jewelry – especially vintage and diamond heart-shaped jewelry.  Here at […]

Vintage Bracelets You are Going to Love

Bracelets are one of the primary pieces of jewelry for those who enjoy accessorizing, from bangle jewelry to diamond accented bracelets and more. To find a place that offers a large selection of top quality and mass quantity of bracelets can be difficult, until now. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, you will find so many different […]

For the Love of Aqua Gemstone Jewelry

Aqua jewelry can sometimes be considered an overlooked gemstone. While diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other types of jewelry take the center light most of the time, aqua jewels are rarely raved about. If you are one of the people that understand how beautiful these pieces but have yet to find the right one for you – take […]

Start the New Year with Diamonds

It’s a new year and you are a new you. While you begin to tackle your new year’s resolutions, you might begin to realize your potential to be a better person. Your ability to prove to yourself that you are a diamond in the rough, waiting to be brought to your best is something completely […]