Exciting Jewelry Trends 2019

Exciting Jewelry Trends 2019

So, every season has newness and this season has some exciting jewelry trends that are perfect for the Spring and Summer season.

Exciting Jewelry Trends

First and foremost, this season is all about color. To read more about the color of the season; be sure to visit our Pantone Living Coral Jewelry post.

In addition to colorful jewelry pieces, this season is highlighting statement styles rather than smaller and daintier styles. To see some of the statement pieces we carry; be sure to check out our Head Turning Statement Earrings 2019 and our Statement Spring Rings post.

No doubt, this season is all about timeless styles; but also colored enamel and hoop style earrings. Of course, hoop earrings is one style that is here to stay. To read more about popular enamel styles; be sure to visit our Enamel Jewelry Styles 2019 post.

Since colorful enamel is a trend that will have staying power; why not add a unique and colorful style to your jewelry wardrobe? When you wear these earrings, they will be the perfect compliment to any Spring or Summer outfit. Shades of red and green pop in these Plique A Jour see through Dangle Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold.


Exciting Jewelry Trends 2019

At the same time, there are a lot of unique necklaces, chains and charm bracelets and necklaces that are more popular than ever. To read more about the history of charm bracelets; be sure to check out our Charmed Mothers Day Gifts post.

Indeed, the Spring season is all about flowers. In the same fashion, not only will you find flowers out in the garden; but you will also see flowers on clothes, decor and jewelry pieces.

From our Estate collection, this 1900 Victorian Diamond Pendant features a old mine cut flower design. Set in 14k Yellow Gold, this Necklace features four old mine Diamonds set in hand engraved and filigree detailed flowers.


Exciting Jewelry Trends 2019

In essence, take your style this season to wearing these exciting jewelry trends in your ears, fingers, wrist and neck.

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