May Emerald Birthstone Color

May Emerald Birthstone Color

Did you know the May Emerald Birthstone was a favorite of Cleopatra? At the same time, this green gemstone has been sought after for thousands of years.

May Emerald Birthstone

In the same fashion, the emerald gemstone is considered one of the most popular gems throughout history.  Also in prior centuries, the emerald gemstone was associated with:

  • Fertility
  • Life
  • Rebirth

Although times have changed, this gemstone continues to be special.

For those born in the month of May, this gemstone is know for the following:

  • Friendship
  • Faithfulness
  • Loyal

Because this gemstone is known to possess a healing property; we should all wear emeralds.

From our Vintage collection, this 1930 Art Deco Pendants is stunning. This Necklace boasts a fine bright green color Emerald surrounded by four old European Diamonds and four single cut Diamonds on a Cable Chain.


May Emerald Birthstone Color

Since the Emerald gemstone has a deep green color; you often find this in Art Deco, Estate and Victorian jewelry pieces.

From our Estate collection, this 1950’s Retro Necklace is dreamy. Featuring one bright green Emerald surrounded by six round cut Diamonds on a Rope Chain; this necklace is timeless, yet modern.


May Emerald Birthstone Color

From our Estate collection, this exquisite Ring features a 18.75 carat square Columbian Emerald. This head turner is surrounded by 22 round cut Diamonds set in 14k Yellow Gold.


May Emerald Birthstone Color

Of course, everywhere we look, we see the color green. To see additional styles in green; be sure to visit our Pantone Greenery 2017 Color Jewelry post where you will find some stunning Emerald rings.

In conclusion, Emeralds are in high demand. So, even though it is the birthstone for May; also this is the gemstone for anyone who is celebrating their 20th Wedding Anniversary.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Peter Suchy prides itself on offering an assortment of May Emerald Birthstone jewelry styles.

Happy May Birthday!

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