The Mystery Behind Black Pearls!

Whereas the typical strand of pearls features off-white AAA orbs of 10 mm freshwater perfection, there are some pieces of jewelry that incorporate black pearls rather than their white kissing cousins. Their luster and coloration gives these pearls a mysterious appearance, which turns plenty of ordinary jewels into showstoppers. When combined with blackened gold, diamonds […]

What Is a Channel Setting in Jewelry?

In jewelry, a setting holds the stone that becomes a focal point of a jewelry item. There are plenty of different types of settings. The cut and dimensions of the gemstone as well as the size of the jewel frequently determine the kind of setting the artisan uses. Some collectors actually specialize in purchasing pieces […]

Where Do Pink Diamonds Come From?

Pink diamonds add a delicate pink hue to a ring or a breathtakingly deep raspberry-red coloration to a necklace. Shades of pink vary, which makes these fancy colored diamonds so desirable for artisans and jewelry buyers. Of course, pink diamonds are quite rare and the supply is limited. East Kimberly Region of Australia Whereas in […]

Hammerman Brothers Jewelry: 75 Years of Creative Designs

The Hammerman empire was founded about 75 years ago. This family-run business distinguishes itself from the competition with its intricate production means that result in the creation of breathtakingly beautiful jewelry pieces.   Currently, there are eight Hammerman Brothers collections. Classic. The line of classic jewelry is famous for its crisp lines and the play […]

Chanel Jewelry: Costume to Fine Jewelry

Gabrielle Chanel, more commonly known as Coco Chanel, was a renowned French fashion designer. Perhaps most famous for the perfume Chanel No. 5, she started out her career as a hat and dress maker. By 1932, Chanel ventured into the jewelry business. Her first line represented collaboration with Paul Iribe. The pieces were a commissioned […]

6 of the Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces Sold at Auctions

Everyone loves jewelry whether the pieces are rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or tiaras. Today, we thought we’d take a look at some of the most expensive jewelry ever sold at auction houses. Stunning, beautiful and some centuries old, the following compilation is just six of the pieces we found intriguing. Wallis Simpson’s Onyx and Diamond […]

Raymond Yard Jewelry Includes Abstract Designs

Raymond C. Yard is another American success story that showcases one of the facets of the country’s jewelry business. The young Yard entered the world of the jewelry trade as a 13-year-young door boy for Marcus & Company. Rubbing elbows with customers and traders gave the young man a solid understanding of the clientele that […]

Men’s Must-Have Jewelry Tips!

Yes, men love jewelry too and while some may prefer tons of gold chains, feathers in the hair (think Steven Tyler) or big gold crosses, there are some general tips for all men, especially the color and type of jewelry they should wear. The first tip is to wear the same color of metal at […]