What Are Chocolate Diamonds?

Did you know that the majority of natural diamonds actually come in a brownish color? Mines all over Africa, Australia and Siberia routinely give up diamonds in this particular shade. Originally, this coloration was so unattractive that mine owners and jewelers considered these stones to be either worthless or only fit for use in some […]

When Did People First Start Piercing Their Ears?

It is doubtful that there has been a civilization that did not include ear piercing in its practices, rites or daily aesthetics. Thus far, the oldest mummified body is the Iceman, which scientists believe to be 5,300 years old. This Copper Age mummy shows evidence of an ear piercing. Discovered in the Alps, the man […]

What Is Tourmaline Jewelry?

Unlike jewelry featuring other gemstones, tourmaline pieces come in more than one or two colors and hues. There is the rubellite tourmaline, which runs the gamut of red tones into purple. Verdelite denotes green and turquoise-colored versions of the gem. Dravite features the familiar ochre and brown tones. It is not unheard of to find […]

Are Opals Lucky and Where Do They Come From?

Gorgeous colorations have turned opals into miniature works of art. Colors commonly seen include white, dark blue, turquoise and various color mixes. In some rare cases, the color scheme changes with the onlooker’s perspective. Scientists have traced back the inimitable color displays to silica gel spheres that refract the light at differing intervals. The resulting […]

The Hues and History of the Peridot Gem

Varying in coloration from a yellow-green color mix to a green with a brown tint, the standard clarity of the peridot is eye-clean. This gem is one of the few that only comes in one basic color. A magnesium iron silicate, the gemstone’s final coloration is frequently decided by the quantity of iron in its […]

The History of Charms Dates Back to Prehistoric Times!

The charm and its related charm bracelet have a long history that dates back to prehistoric times. Whereas today’s charms may be mementos from travel outings or times spent with friends, old charms fashioned from bones and shells were a necessity for survival. In a time when natural processes were not well understood, these charms […]

When Were Cuff Links First Used?

Unlike other pieces of decorative jewelry, the cuff link does not have a long history. You might actually say that it is a relative newcomer to the world of men’s fashion accessories. Today’s modern cuff link owes it appearance to men’s fashions of the 16th century. Shirts were ruffled, wristbands also featured ruffles and tailors […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Cameo

Most anyone associates a cameo with the brooch worn at a high lace collar during the Edwardian period. In fact, the term cameo actually refers to a gem carving or engraving method that creates a piece of wearable jewelry through the formation of a raised relief image. Roman cameos.Made of agate or onyx, these cameos […]

How Did the Locket Come to Be?

Lockets rank among the oldest known pieces of jewelry. Researchers usually mention them in the same breath as amulets and pendants. In earliest times, the locket would open up to contain sacred engravings and substances. Some lockets were actually small vessels that could hold anything from salt to blood or holy water. In the 15th […]

The Origins of Rubies

Students of early Indian literature have come to believe that India is actually the birthplace of the ruby. It is here that the stone was first mined and mentioned in texts written in Sanskrit. There was a close association between the mining of rubies and royalty of the area. Whenever miners unearthed a particularly splendid […]