Why Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

In addition to being the officially recognized birthstone for the month of April, diamonds are one of the most desirable gemstones to possess. Quite frequently, it is the colorless version of the gem that gets a lot of attention. It is noteworthy that there are also other options available.
Historians agree that Mary of Burgundy is the first reported bride-to-be to receive an engagement ring with a diamond. It was handed to her in 1477. Although the marriage got off to an auspicious start, it ended quickly due to a riding accident. After her tragic death in 1482, it is unclear what became of the ring. It has not been mentioned again in connection with her widower’s subsequent marriages.
Of course, even wealthy brides in antiquity received diamonds. In their cases, the underlying reasons for the gift giving might have been a bit different. Whereas the Austrian archduke gave a gift out of his wealth, historic author Pliny attributed several supernatural qualities to a diamond. It was said to ward off evil, protect against insanity and keep the wearer from suffering jealous panic attacks. Romans surely preferred their wives to be sane and reasonable. Particularly worried men may also have hoped that the diamond would protect any offspring from the undesirable trait of insanity.  
Later Italians claimed that in addition to these magical properties, the diamond also afforded married couples the power of conflict resolution. While it is unclear how the stone accomplished the feat, well-to-do grooms were urged to provide their brides with a diamond to protect the longevity of the marriage. In the United States, it was the clever marketing strategy of DeBeers that may be credited with the sudden desire for diamond engagement rings. The company’s ad campaign ran in 1938 and cemented the connection between diamonds and the hands of eligible young women in marriage.
Giving credence to the belief that diamonds and women were a match made in heaven is the fabled tale of the Koh-i Noor. A Hindu warning dating back to 1306 noted that only a god or a woman could handle the gem safely whereas a man who would attempt to wear it might rule the world but would suffer the greatest misfortunes. Worn without ill effect by Queen Victoria, the gem is said to have caused disastrous events in the lives of the men who wore it. While British society may not have put much stock into the tale, no male has ever worn the jewel since.
Curses and magical properties aside, the sheer beauty of diamonds makes them indeed a girl’s best friend. After all, what type of gem can a woman wear that will highlight her beauty without overshadowing it? Fancy-colored diamonds in particular lack the deep colorations that other gems bring to the table. At the same time, their exquisite paleness underscores their beauty as well as the wearer’s good looks.
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