Dilamani Jewelry: Gems That Standout in a Crowd!

While most jewelry houses have a long history that frequently dates back to the end of the 19th century, there is a new crop of artisans that represent the finest the 20th century has to offer. Case in point is Dilamani, which was started in 1980.
Brothers George and William Dilamani were gemstone wholesalers in San Francisco at the time. They specialized in rubies, sapphires and also the rarer gems that were suitable for high-end jewelry designs. By 1983, the brothers had begun trade relationships with Thailand and Sri Lanka with an eye on getting highest-quality stones for their business.
At that time, they also expanded their operations to include New York. The Dilamani name became a force to be reckoned with when the brothers began manufacturing fine jewelry by 1990. In 1999, the company began manufacturing fine jewelry in China, Hong Kong and Thailand as well.
Business continued to be good for the brothers, and 2003 saw them moving their company to Great Neck, New York. All the while, the brothers worked hard to remain at the forefront of jewelry design trends and manufacturing techniques. At this time, the company focuses on the color collection and the color diamond collection.
Both collections feature bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces and pendants as well as rings. Diamonds and colored gemstonesfrequently vie for space on the same piece of jewelry. Aficionados of brown and black diamonds in particular will love the artistic designs that the brothers have come up with. Pieces are unique in appearance yet oftentimes bespeak traditional lines and design elements.
Sapphires on silver provide the backdrop for contemporary jewelry. These pieces are a bit easier on the pocketbook but do not lack any of the detail work that sets apart Dilamani pieces from the competition. In fact, the company’s willingness to remain on the cutting edge of the jewelry trade inspired the foray into silver to begin with. Of course, to fully appreciate the appearance of sapphires, you simply must peruse the pieces featuring the color diamonds. They bring out the refined character of the jewelry pieces as well as the individual stones.
It is anyone’s guess what is next for the Dilamani jewelry makers. Since they are very active at the trade shows, there is no doubt that their collections will continue to get national as well as international exposure. Fine jewelry aficionados continue to marvel at the intricate designs that use the fine metals as a canvas for unique pieces, which let a wide range of stones take center stage.
It is fair to say that your fine taste in jewelry will be recognized wherever you go. Because of the many gems used in the manufacture Dilamani jewelry, your pieces will stand out in any crowd. At this time, there is no other artisan who works quite in the same manner.
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