Dog Loves Emeralds But It All Comes Out Okay in the “End!”

Here at Peter Suchy Jewelers, we can now say we’ve seen it all! Happy to help our great customers anyway we can, we recently had one request with a background story we found quite amusing. It involves a dog, an emerald and platinum heirloom ring and well…as they say, here’s the rest of the story!
Honey, An Irish Terrier With Spunk
The terrier breed is known for its energy, intelligence—and curiosity. The Irish Terrier breed goes back to the 19th Century and these terriers are recognized by their reddish hair and their ability to hunt vermin. They were also widely used as farm dogs.
Enter the Irish Terrier “Honey.” A faithful and loving dog and like many Irish Terriers, loyal to her owner to a fault, protective and—curious.
What could a pleasant, affectionate and loyal dog like Honey (Irish Terriers only stand 18 inches tall and weigh between 25 to 27 pounds) do that would make her owner so alarmed?
Honey’s Predicament
Because we are the leading seller of vintage and estate jewelry in Stamford Connecticut, we’re pretty sure you’ve already guessed what affectionate, beautiful and loyal little Honey did to her owner.
Enter a grandmother’s heirloom emerald and platinum ring—and here comes the darling and curious Honey!
What is that I see on the floor? Honey ponders.
Is it good? Is it yummy? Is it, could it be Mummy’s? She leans her head to one side.
The minds of dogs, precious as they are, do seem to look at the world in a different way. Perhaps little Honey wanted to make sure her precious “Mummy” wouldn’t step on the ring and be injured.
Oh, that wouldn’t be good at all! Honey imagines. Mummy might need medical care and although I’m the smartest dog in the whole wide world, I can’t dial 9-1-1!
What should I do, oh boy, oh boy! Honey is frustrated and considering her options.
I know, Honey thinks, If I take the object away Mummy won’t step on it and everything will be A-okay!
As gently as she can, Honey puts that heirloom emerald platinum ring into her mouth to remove the danger but oh no…!
I swallowed it. I am doomed. Honey is sad, alarmed, upset.
Suddenly, Honey hears the footsteps of her beloved Mummy. Here she comes, here she comes! I’ll look sad and ashamed!
“Honey,” says her owner, “what did you just do? I know you did something, you have that guilty look on your face.”
As most dogs do, Honey sits and waits, her head hung low, her eyes sadly titled upward to face her “Mummy.”
“Where is grandmother’s ring?” Honey’s owner asks.
No clue, thinks Honey. But she does know and now Mummy knows that Honey has swallowed the heirloom ring.
Happy “Endings”
True dog lovers like Honey’s owner understand how dogs make mistakes, have minds of their own and in this story, Honey is gently scooped onto Mummy’s lap and petted.
“It’s okay Honey,” says Mummy. “It will all come out in the end.”
What does that mean?Thinks Honey. That’s it, she has gone bonkers. What end?
After an early meal of her favorite dog food (what a treat!) Honey heads outside to do the deed followed carefully by mummy.
What is she doing out here? Privacy please Mummy! Thinks Honey.
But wait, what’s that, oh no, oh no, here it comes…Oh it did come out in the end. Honey wags her tail, her intestines free of the heirloom ring.
How We Helped
The very next day, along comes Honey and her Mummy with what is now an extremely damaged emerald and platinum heirloom ring.
We quickly hear the story and as if it never happened Honey receives pets and hugs from our staff.
“Can you fix it?” Asks our customer.
“Absolutely!” We say.
As you can see in this post, the before and after pictures of one grandmother’s gift of an emerald and platinum ring is now returned to its original beauty.
As for Honey? She’s doing just fine we hear and still ever-guarding her beloved Mummy.
That’s just one customer story and while we hear a lot of them, we sincerely care about helping restore your heirloom, estate or antique jewelry—especially if there’s a “Honey” in your life!
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Image via Flickr by mandiberg