4 Hot Jewelry Trends for Fall 2013: For the Young and the Young at Heart!

It’s back to school time and if you’ve got a high-school or college students in your life, you should know about these four hot jewelry trends for Fall 2013. Not surprisingly, BIG is best but so is animal jewelry and any bangle full of bright colors.
We’re taking a twist in this blog post, however. We’ll show you what’s great for the young and also what’s hot for the mature and fashionable woman!

Big and Chunky Necklaces

College Fashion.com says big and chunky necklaces are the best accessory for high-school and college bound gals. For the young, the chunkier the better and finding necklaces with your name or a saying like “Hot” or “Bang” are even better.
The “young at heart” fashionable woman, have some other options for Fall 2013 necklaces.  Tassel necklaces—we love our vintage collection. Along with tassel necklaces, big “layered” necklaces are also trendy.

Stacked Rings

Younger gals are crazy about stacked rings from places like Dior, H&M and Forever 21. These stacked rings are also preferred in the bulky and noticeable style with tons of colors to boot.
For the mature woman, cocktail rings are making a comeback—but here at Peter Suchy Jewelers, we’ve always adored our vast collection of cocktail rings!

Animal Jewelry

Giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) are a hot jewelry fall trend for 2013—at least for the younger gal. It’s not all animals either, scorpion pins are also on the list from places like H&M, ASOS and Forever 21.
This fall trend is also recommended for the mature woman. In fact, estate and vintage pins that include fish, birds, and spiders are always a desired jewelry accessory.

Statement Jewelry

Fall of 2013 also brings out some youthful statement jewelry from Emilo Pucci and Topshop. The youngster will adore bracelets, necklaces and rings that include bright fab colors, big shapes and intricate details.
Peter Suchy Jewelers is very excited about the Fall trend for statement jewelry for the young at heart—vintage-inspired jewelry pieces. From vintage-inspired turquoise to tourmaline to topaz to aquamarine, expect to see this trend in women’s fashion for Fall. Of course our large lineup of truly vintage and estate statement jewelry is always forefront in our hearts!
What will you be wearing this Fall as far as jewelry and accessories? We’d love to hear so leave us a comment below.
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