Judith Ripka Jewelry: Be Wrapped In Luxury!

If you wear her jewelry, Judith Ripka wants you to feel wrapped in superb luxury. Ripka credits unfettered childhood access to her mother’s jewelry box as the inspiration for a lifelong desire to create wearable pieces of art that are gorgeous and luxurious. Indulging her fascination with shiny objects, the artisan’s mother clearly did not mind when a young Judith changed the way accessories were used and worn. Learning just how many ways there were to accessorize with well-made jewelry, Ripka realized early on that she wanted in on the trade.
Her dream came to fruition in 1977, when Ripka launched her very first collection. Featuring 18-karat gold, she quickly was noticed for her ability to infuse colors and textures into modern styles. Rather than creating dated accessories, this artisan succeeds in creating a look that suits the wearer for a casual night out or a formal occasion. The creation of an ensemble makes the jeweler’s pieces stand out. Moreover, the idea of having modern pieces complement those that were made three decades ago endears her to her early fans.
Ripka divides her pieces into two collections.
Silver collection.There is more to the silver than meets the eye. Gold accents highlight the silver’s beautiful coloration. There are a large number of distinct lines in this collection. For example, the Gothic line features black and white rhodium. Design details include scalloped earrings and rectangular pendants. In contrast, the Lace line showcases white sapphires as an enhancer to the silver’s filigreed appearance.
18k Gold collection.With 18-karat gold as the material of choice, several lines embrace the refined look of the metal. The Monaco line includes a wide variety of gemstones that give the jewelry a refined look. The famous $40,000 Ambrosia Cuff with smokey quartz is a prime example that personifies the line. The Estate line shows off timeless designs and some Art Deco influences. This is the type of jewelry that is handed down from one generation to the next.
Judith Ripka jewelry is not inexpensive. In fact, if you have to ask what it costs, there is a good chance that you cannot afford her pieces. For the budget-conscious shopper who cannot drop five figures on a bracelet, there is the Great Silver Selection under $500. Pieces are beautiful and exquisitely feminine. At the same time, these pieces do not retail for more than about $500. In fact, some exquisite small stud earrings sell for half this amount.
Ripka works with a large number of authorized retailers to carry her pieces. Examples include Radcliffe in Maryland and Bloomingdale’s in New York. Her Beverly Hills boutique location on Rodeo Drive is a destination for jewelry lovers from around the world.
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