Learn More About David Wysor Jewelry

The hallmark of David Wysor jewelry is the choice of focus. Some pieces delight because of the texture they offer. Others stand out to the buyer because of their patterns or symmetry. Since it is rare that a jewelry designer will focus so extensively on these aspects of his creations, it stands to reason that Wysor’s pieces stand out to a buying public that likes to look past the beauty aspect of the wearable art it adores and seeks out.
Wysor credits the creativity of others as egging on his own ability to create. Photographers visiting him in his studio note pictures of items that inspire Wysor. They seem like a random collection of items – there are photos of golf shoes and rolling cart wheels – but each is playing an integral part in the creative process that leads to the design of stunning jewelry pieces. In fact, just recently an Art Deco detail from a nearby skyscraper gave Wysor the idea for a gold accent on one of his celebrated pieces.
Jewelry-making is not something that this artisan set out to do. He arrived at his calling by chance when helping another artisan in New Orleans. This jewelry maker was falling woefully behind on fulfilling special orders for his handmade sterling silver pieces. Without formal training, Wysor set out to learn from other jewelry makers and by observing the finished products of famous artisans. As his style solidified, it quickly became clear that a major factor in his creations was the playful use of balanced asymmetry.
At this time, his collections include bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.
Bracelets. They are chunky but nevertheless manage to come off as feminine. The combination of rounded orbs and elongated spans between larger design elements bespeaks elegance. A mix of silver and gold tones lets wearers choose these bracelets as casual fashion accessories or stylish focal points of an exquisite formal night out.
Necklaces. Pearls with gold beads, large gemstones and solid ropes are a few of the design highlights. These pieces do well do stand alone. They commandeer the attention of the onlooker and therefore never do as filler pieces.
Earrings. What do you get when you pair the cuff style with a dangling accessory? These pieces take whimsy and elegance to a new level.
Rings. If you fancy a citrine, blue topaz, pearl, pink tourmaline or amethyst, Wysor has a ring in his catalog that is sure to tickle your fancy.
It is interesting to note that David Wysor jewelry is not prohibitively priced. Depending on the retailer you visit, you may be able to walk away with a four-section 18-karat yellow gold bracelet for about $900. Spend half as much on braid rope earrings.
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