What Jewelry Pieces Did Actress Bette Davis Wear?

From those stunning “Bette Davis eyes” to her snap-fire presence on and off the screen, actress Bette Davis, was a superstar who shall remain alive for movie lovers everywhere from the over 100 films she starred in. In her career, Better received a whopping 10 Academy Award nominations and took home the Oscar for two of those films: Dangerousin 1935 and Jezebel in 1938.
Married four times to Gary Merrill, William Grant Sherry, Arthur Farnsworth and Harmon Nelson, it’s rumored her true love was Director William Wyler who was married and refused to leave his wife—so scandalous for the time!
A true gem of all Hollywood gems, Bette wasn’t afraid of the “system,” men or Joan Crawford! Her humor was unmatched—and perhaps a little caustic—she sent a few dozen cases of liquor to a new brother-in-law once she learned he was a recovering alcoholic.
But we loved her defiance, strong character and most of all, her films. So, what were the jewelry pieces Better Davis wore on the silver screen? Along with some great images of some of Bette Davis Jewelry, we bet we can match some of our vintage and estate pieces to her film jewelry!

The Jezebel Ring

In the film Jezebelco-starring Peter Fonda and George Brent, Bette’s character Julie Morrison may have matched the real Bette  more than any other—her way or no way! Set in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1850s, Bette wore a 5.73 carat yellow diamond canary ring that also contained clear round diamonds.
Our match at Peter Suchy Jewelers is this estate canary yellow 4.09 carat Asscher cut ring. Stunning and very available.

The All About EveStar Earrings

In the film All About Eve co-starring Anne Baxter, George Sanders and then hubby, Gary Merrill, Bette’s ears were graced with gorgeous star earrings. Each boasted 1.01 carats of diamonds surround by eight pear-shaped clear diamonds.
Our match to Bette’s “movie star” earrings are these full cut diamond .55 carat white gold dangle star earrings. Certainly sparkling enough to be seen from far away and make any gal who wears them “feel” like a movie star.

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex Bracelet

In the 1939 film the Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex co-starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, Bette boasted a multi-strand faux pearl bracelet that contained a 30.04 carat dark green square crystal. It was set in antique pewter and included two hook and loop closures.
Our match here at Peter Suchy Jewelers? Why it’s an estate four-row silvery white Akoya pearl bracelet with a white gold amethyst catch!
So, how do you think we did matching some of the jewelry pieces Bette Davis wore on the silver screen?
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