What Are Mabe or Mobe Pearls?

Have you ever wondered why jewelers take perfectly rounded valuable pearls, cut them in half and then place them inside a setting? After all, it would seem to be counterproductive to incur the expense of buying high-grade spherically perfect pearls only to destroy the very attribute that determines a large portion of the value. The […]

Interest in Men’s Jewelry Is on the Rise!

Decades ago, the fashionable man wore cufflinks, tie bars, rings and carried pocket watches. Somehow over the decades, men’s jewelry sort of dropped out of sight expect for perhaps those large gold chains and a Rolex watch here and there. Today, however, the interest in men’s jewelry is on the rise and here at Peter […]

All About Lagos Jewelry

Steve Lagos is the type of artist who has always known that the craft was calling to him. After spending some time experimenting with a variety of media, he finally settled on jewelry-making as his chosen form of self-expression. Pursuing a Lagos jewelry brand in earnest since 1977, the artisan has relied heavily on his […]

Learn More About Torrini Jewelry

Owning a piece of Torrini jewelry is like being in possession of a piece of Italian history. Today, the Torrini family consists of numerous sculptors, artisans, gold smiths and jewelry designers. Yet in 1369, there as only Jacopus Turini who excelled at making the piece of armor known as the cuirass. Together with his brother […]

All About Robin Rotenier Jewelry

Robin Rotenier brings Parisian flair to American jewelry making. This artisan has created visionary designs for male as well as female audiences. Born into a family of jewelry designers, Rotenier learned the trade from the ground up. Nevertheless, he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Gemological Institute of America for his formal training. […]

Peter Suchy Jewelers: An Antique Jewelry Museum!

We don’t like to brag about all the antique, vintage and estate jewelry we carry in our showroom located at 1137 High Ridge Road in Stamford, Connecticut—but hey, sometimes jewelers have to show their pride!  Today we thought we’d surprise all of our clients—especially our worldwide clients that live far from our showroom and remain […]

All About Sal Praschnik Jewelry

The name Sal Praschnik is synonymous with elegant opulence. Hailing from Cuba, Praschnik entered the diamond trade in 1946. By 1949, he had come to the United States. Although interrupted by the Korean War, the jeweler took up the trade once again. It would take another 19 years before he made the move to Miami […]

When Jewelry Artisans Imitate Nature

Nature has long been a driving force for the creative talents in the art world. Painters, sculptors and interior designers have taken their cues from Mother Nature and the variety of colors and textures she has provided to the palette. Yet it is not just the artisan who creates big works of art who is […]