Wear Vintage Rose Quartz Jewelry and Celebrate the New Year While Watching the Tournament of Roses Parade on TV!

The Rose Parade is the quintessential New Year’s Day must-see. Held annually in Pasadena, California, the parade features floats, marching bands and feel-good moments. Get inspired by the theme and add a rose quartz jewel to your collection. It is pink in color and beautifully offsets other gemstones as well as multiple setting materials. Peter […]

Give the Gift of a Rare Vintage Black Opal

Discovery News calls the black opal “the rarest and most valuable” of opals. Its desirability is on par with that of high-quality diamonds. While collectors accept a variety of base colors that include various shades of gray and greens, the background of the stone must feature an indisputable black color. Peter Suchy Jewelers are pleased […]