Hot This Spring: Vintage Feather Jewelry!

Glamour Fashion has taken snapshots at the Spring ’14 Fashion Week. In addition to plenty of clutch purses and glasses, there was a stunning Balenciaga feather choker. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we support your desire to use vintage jewelry in a way that makes your spring and summer wardrobe hot and relevant. Here are some […]

Vintage Crystal Quartz Jewelry Under $1,000

Trying to find good-quality crystal quartz jewelry under $1,000 is a bit like looking for a needle in a stack of needles. One of the most versatile and desirable gemstones currently in use for jewelry making, quartz crystals have the distinction of looking elegant, chic and still be excellently suited for daily wear at the […]

Vintage Red Jewels Bespeak Traditional Liturgical Colors for Palm Sunday and Good Friday

Christian liturgy is a fascinating field of study. Liturgical colors in particular carry great symbolism and for centuries have set the tone for services and vigils in the Catholic Church. Although many modern worshippers do not necessarily know the deeper meanings behind the colors of choir dresses and hanging banners, a good many jewelry collectors […]