Is Vintage Jewelry a Good Gift for Mother’s Day?

It is impossible to predict the tastes of shoppers from one holiday to another. While Mother’s Day is traditionally a gift-giving opportunity that highlights flowers and cards as well as a nice brunch, there are also other accepted gifts. Looking to the 2013 occasion, the National Retail Federation (NRF) tallied the numbers and predicted the […]

Our Favorite Cushion Cut Vintage Engagement Rings!

How trendy are cushion cut engagement rings? Well,  they have become the cut of choice for celebrity engagement rings! Celebs tying the knot with cushion cut rings include Rory McIlroy and Catherine Wozniacki, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters and Big Sean and Naya Rivera to name just a few! The […]

Our Favorite Vintage Edwardian Jewelry Pieces!

Edwardian jewelry are pieces made between 1890 and 1920 and were inspired by French Louis XVI designed objects including wreaths, urns, stars, garlands, flowers and bows. Metalwork, much like the Victorian period was lace-like and platinum mounts were popular.  Also known as “garland style” jewelry, especially because of the many flowers and garland seen in […]

5 Beautiful Enameled Pieces of Estate Jewelry Under $500

Enameling experienced its heyday during the Art Nouveau period. Yet jewelry makers never quite let go of the practice that included the combination of precious metals, gemstones and durable color applications. While the majority of enameled jewelry is expensive, Peter Suchy Jewelers offers an attractive selection of pieces that cost less than $500. If you […]