Are You Hip to Vintage Micro Pave Jewelry?

Your heart beats faster when there is talk about a pave. After all, it usually refers to a large number of smaller diamonds set in close proximity to create an inimitable sparkle. The actual practice of adding a pave to jewelry is extremely old. Since it does not require high-tech tools – although they make […]

Our Favorite Vintage Gold Wire Jewelry

Gold is the type of precious metal that jewelry makers have used for centuries when creating beautiful personal ornaments that were as fit for royalty as for the noble wearers of the pieces. The material has been hammered, shaped into links and also twisted into wire. Gold wire jewelry is beautiful. In part, its elegance […]

Vintage Moonstone Jewelry for June Birthdays!

When Romans first looked at the moonstone, they believed that this remarkable gem contained magic powers, which managed to trap the rays of the moonlight within. Modern man knows, of course, that the coloration is due to the silicate’s makeup, which features sodium and potassium as well as quite a bit of aluminum. A favorite […]