From the Peter Suchy Workshop: Vintage Gemstones to Vintage Jewelry!

Peter Suchy Jewelers bring you some of the finest vintage and antique jewels you find on the market today. We specialize in buying from estates that offer unique pieces. Occasionally, we also succeed in purchasing some amazing vintage gemstones. These gems oftentimes entered a collection and have been in private ownership for decades. When we are offered some amazing pieces, we frequently create superb settings in our workshop that amplify the beautiful nature of these stones. Here are some of our favorite pieces from the Peter Suchy workshop.

Clear Brown Quartz Swirl Earrings


At the heart of these studs are two very rare brown and black clear quartz planes that weigh 10.0cts. Cut into elegant swirls, they attach to the ear with 14k yellow gold. If you like to wear your hair in a bun or favor an upswept style, these are the studs to wear in your ears. They are simply gorgeous.

Floating Diamonds in a Suchy Pendant


Mimicking the look of a flower, this pendant has a 1.35-inch diameter. It was designed and made in our workshop. There are 200 single-cut diamonds weighing a combined 2.0cts, which seem to float between two sapphire crystals. On the outside, there are 24 full-cut diamonds weighing .20cts. Held together by a 14k pink gold setting, this flower pendant is elegant, sophisticated and hip – all at the same time.

Multi-color Sapphire Bracelet Featuring White Gold Hinged Links


Set in 14k solid white gold hinged links, there are 40 multi-color sapphires that have a combined weight of 12.17cts. When we received these blue, yellow, pink and green sapphires, we created a setting that showed off their gorgeous colors. The bracelet was the perfect means of displaying this collection of vintage stones.

Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum by Suchy


The color of the oval sapphire is best described as being violet. It weighs 4.22cts. Certified to be of natural color without treatments, this is a truly rare gemstone. When we received this perfect gem, we knew that only a platinum setting would do it justice. To further enhance the beautiful display of this marvelous stone, we added two round brilliant-cut diamonds – one on each side – to the ring. Their combined weight is 1.20cts. If you ask her to marry you when offering this jewel, the answer is certainly going to be a breathless “yes.”

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 


What do you do with an ideal cut brilliant white diamondthat weighs 3.07cts? The answer is simple: You set it into a platinum three-row shank. Next, you add 76 ideal-cut diamonds weighing .68cts. The result is a stunning engagement ring that is truly unique.
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