Our Favorite Vintage Gold Wire Jewelry

Gold is the type of precious metal that jewelry makers have used for centuries when creating beautiful personal ornaments that were as fit for royalty as for the noble wearers of the pieces. The material has been hammered, shaped into links and also twisted into wire. Gold wire jewelry is beautiful. In part, its elegance rests on the fact that there are many different ways of using gold wire for chic and attractive pieces. Peter Suchy Jewelers have compiled a selection of some very attractive pieces for you.

Citrine Eight-stone Gold Wire Necklace


If you adore Bohemian chic, then this is the necklace that you simply must add to your collection. Fashioned with 18k solid yellow gold, the wire holds eight untreated golden yellow citrines. The combined weight of these stones is 650cts. While the stones came from a private collection, the Peter Suchy Workshop has created the gold wire necklace. The natural shapes of the stones trade off with nine lacy round gold ornaments. This is a truly gorgeous look.

Ten-strand Gold Wire Necklace with Diamonds


This designer 18k yellow gold necklace comes from Yvel. There are 10 strands of gold wire that combine to make an 18-inch long necklace. Gold connectors gather the strands. Five connectors feature diamonds. There are 25 full-cut diamonds for a combined total weight of .40cts. This necklace looks very sophisticated and is appropriate for wear in the office and out on the town.

Gold Wire Round Pendant with Necklace 


Artisans chose multi-tone 18k gold for this round wire pendant. Pink and white gold twist together for a gorgeous look. Twenty full-cut diamonds weigh .15cts and bring plenty of sparkle to the table. The pendant measures one inch in diameter. The necklace is 16 inches long. Wear this with a solid colored top – preferably dark – to really bring out the brightness of the diamonds.

Quartz Amethyst Rutile Gold Wire Earrings


This quartz comes from Peter Suchy’s own collection. We made the settings by hand to complement the purple coloration of the amethyst. It is fair to say that these are unique in every sense of the word. The total weight is 40.82cts. The metal is 14k yellow gold. You will love wearing these!

Gold Wire Braided Ring with Orange Coral Center Gem


The jewelry makers chose 18k solid yellow gold when making this cocktail ring. The gold wires are braided for a gorgeous look. The gemstone is an untreated coral with a salmon coloration. It measures 14mm by 10mm.
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