Our Favorite Vintage Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry

Kokichi Mikimoto is a time-honored name among pearl lovers. This professional changed the look of the pearl in 1878, when his participation in a pearl judging contest brought him to the realization that the overall quality of these gems was sub par. From that day on, Mikimoto made it his life’s mission to perfect the […]

6 June Birthstone Vintage Jewelry Ideas for Pearl Lovers

June is an exciting month for jewelry lovers. This month alone features three separate birth stones. The American Gem Society recognizes the pearl, Alexandrite and also Moonstone as suitable birthstone gifts. Peter Suchy Jewelers have put together a dramatic selection of pearls that anyone shopping for a June birthstone gift simply must see. Pearl Necklace […]

Own the Magic of Vintage Filigree Jewelry!

In the distant past, filigree work was the hallmark of a top level jewelry maker. The professional would take small pieces of metal wiring, solder them painstakingly together and then apply them to a base for strength. As techniques improved, the filigree work was done without the base. The resulting jewels had an ethereal beauty […]

Affordable Vintage Stud Earrings Under $1,000

Stud earrings are one of the most important jewelry accessories a woman can own. Versatile, chic and always in style, they provide the wardrobe completion for an ensemble that features a statement necklace, wrist cuff or cocktail ring. In some cases, they also become focal points of the ensembles themselves. When you want to keep […]