Why Do Celebrities Wear the Jewelry They Do at the Awards?

Having your creations showcased on a red carpet anywhere is a major advantage for any jewelry designer who hopes to sell high-end baubles at full cost. What better way is there to get the jewelry house’s name out into the public’s consciousness than by seeing a celebrity – preferably an A-list caliber star – wearing the jewels during an award acceptance speech?
Have you ever wondered how the celebs pick out which designer jewels to wear with their pretty dresses? In some cases, the answer might just be found in the form of cold hard cash. Quoting insider sources, the New York Postreveals that some designers willingly spend six-digit sums in payments to celebs who then agree to wear specific jewels for an event.
For example, Chopard is said to have spent $100,000 so that Jennifer Lawrence would wear the jewelry house’s diamonds on the red carpet. Long-established jewelry makers are not above the practice. Bulgari is said to be paying celebrities to represent the brand while being seen at awards events. The same appears to be the case for revered Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton.
Yet actresses do not take kindly to the idea of having their jewelry tastes questioned. Jewelry house representatives, too, have been mum on the revelations. Of course, the suggestion that actresses’ swanlike necks, bare wrists and ear lobes are for rent is not new. A few years ago, the New York Times outlined the lucrative business of “lending” actresses specific jewels to wear, which would then result in guaranteed sales for the jewelry houses.
Outlining the importance of getting the attention of stylists, the publication highlights the lengths to which even the most renowned jewelers go to be considered. While the run for the celebrity red carpet endorsement is fierce, there is a veil of secrecy over the money that changes hands. The suggestion that there are pay-offs, however, is “rarely, if ever, discussed.”
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