The Amazing Beauty of Vintage Druzy Quartz

You know diamonds for their amazing sparkle and solid surface. Yet you will come to adore druzy for its amazing properties. You see, unlike diamonds, druzy is not just one gemstone. Rather, it is a surface covering of tiny crystals that have attached themselves over quartz for countless centuries. In some cases, a particular gemstone […]

Our Favorite 3D Vintage Jewelry

There is something special about three-dimensional jewelry. The 3D effect not only heightens the visual aesthetics of a piece, but quite frequently it also elevates it into the focal point position of an entire ensemble. With so many relatively flat pieces on the market, finding one that quite literally stands out is always fun. Peter […]

Our Favorite Designer Vintage Necklaces

In our search for vintage jewels, we occasionally run across some amazing estate pieces. Cases in point are designer necklaces that are gorgeous and do justice to the name of the trend setter who crafted them. When you are ready to add a necklace from a premier jewelry house to your collection, Peter Suchy Jewelers […]

Top 5 Vintage Art Deco Rings Under $1,000

The Art Deco period is marked by its prolific design of jewelry with bold geometric patterns and highly intricate artisanship. Frequently imitated, Peter Suchy Jewelers always take great care when examining a new find that seems to be an Art Deco piece. Since our collectors love these pieces, we have put together our five favorite […]

How to Start Your Vintage Jewelry Collection

If you have spent any time at all browsing through our sizable inventory of vintage jewels, you have probably formed quite a wish list. Have you ever wondered how you should start your vintage jewelry collection? Are there tips and tricks of the seasoned collectors that would be handy to know? For most collectors, it […]

Antique Art Deco Rings for Your Collection

While the Art Deco was a style era that fell between the 1920s and 1930s, antique pieces are considered to fall into the earlier period. Just like their standard Art Deco cousins, these jewels have geometric shapes and bold lines. In addition, the jewels have just a bit more flair, which is usually because of […]