Budget-Friendly Vintage Pins Under $400

Buying vintage and estate jewelry can be a frustrating experience. Plenty of beautiful pieces are available, but many carry heft price tags. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we specialize in having a little something for all tastes and budgets. Case in point is our selection of pins that are priced under $400. Tiffany & Co. Silver […]

Must-See Vintage Animal Pins!

As we continue our look at amazing pins, we are now focusing on the animal kingdom. The depiction of fauna is a common theme for artisans. Since these types of pins are suitable for the use of multi-colored gemstones and enameling, they are also a favorite with jewelry buyers. Aquamarine and Gold Unicorn Head and […]

Our Favorite Vintage Flower Pins!

Loyal readers of our blog know that just recently we discussed the proper placement of pins. We also talked about the dos – and a few don’ts – that govern the wear of this type of jewel. Since then, we have looked around our inventory and noticed two distinct types of pins: those with a […]

What Do People Look for When Buying Antique Jewelry?

Perhaps you have been thinking of adding some vintage jewelry to your ensemble. But since you do not know how to shop for it, you have given up on the idea. Don’t! Finding just the right vintage piece that perfectly accentuates or complements your existing jewelry collection is an enormously satisfying experience. At Peter Suchy […]

Our Favorite 1950s Vintage Diamond Rings

The Fifties were the decade between World War II and the Cold War. America’s economy was humming along nicely and the ladies looked to the silver screen for inspiration on the latest looks. Bardot and Loren set the standards. Youngsters rocked out to Fats Domino and Elvis. Diamond rings possessed an understated elegance that became […]