Vintage Orange Sapphire Jewelry for Connoisseurs

Whether you want to accessorize a fall fashion wardrobe or simply need to find something stylish for the various Halloween festivities and pumpkin decorating parties, we have got you covered. Fancy sapphires are a hit among collectors. Colors vary from deep orange hues to yellow and orange combinations. What are the pieces that we would […]

How to Protect Your Vintage Jewelry from Damage

When you look through our listings, you frequently notice that we include information about any noticeable damage or repairs that were made to a piece. The majority of the vintage pieces available from Peter Suchy Jewelers are in pristine condition. Some feature the normal wear that is expected from a piece that has been worn […]

Pros and Cons of Rhodium Plating

Some of you have been listening to the Siren’s song of rhodium plating. You are ready to cast aside your well-loved vintage jewelry for the shiny flash of the rhodium. But is this jewelry type really all that it is cracked up to be? Is there a dark side, a hidden underbelly or a caveat […]

How to Repurpose Inherited Jewelry

Great aunt Leopoldine has remembered you in her will. While you were always fond of this relation, you two do not share the same taste in jewelry. She adored peacock brooches and you don’t. Or, perhaps, she liked her jewels on the larger side while you prefer yours to be a tat smaller. For this […]