Basic (and not so basic) Home Security Tips and Tricks for the Vintage Jewelry Collector

You already know not to wear your canary-yellow diamond ring when walking home alone after dark. You also know that the truly breathtaking heirloom pieces that you take out for only special occasions should not be worn while filling up the gas tank of the car or running into the store for a last minute flower bouquet purchase. But what about your security measures at home? It is a well-known fact that burglars like to strike when residents are at work. What are you doing to protect your jewelry collection when you are not there?

Monitored Alarm System

If you have valuables in your home, a monitored alarm system is a valuable asset. While a standard do-it-yourself alarm setup is cheaper, savvy burglars know which companies are monitored and which are not. They may be willing to risk the blaring sound of the horn if they are fairly certain that they can cart off some valuables in a quick sweep.

Wall Safe

The wall safe stymies burglars. It takes too much time to try and crack it open. They might just grab whatever else they can find and leave it alone. That said, do not make it too easy. A safe hidden behind a painting is so old that it is almost a cliché. Rather, install a wall safe at an odd location or a peculiar height. Cover it up with a piece of furniture or a curtain. Of course, if you tend to leave it unlocked for quick access or write the combination on a piece of paper that you tape underneath the stapler or desk drawer, you are just making it too easy for the burglars.

Jewelry Box Location

The most common locations for a jewelry box are your bedroom dresser, the bedroom closet or the vanity. If a wall safe is not your cup of tea, do not make your collection so easily accessible. Hide the jewelry box in an odd place. For example, a hiding spot behind the toilet paper rolls in the bathroom is sufficiently odd that burglars will most likely not check there.

Bank Vault

For the truly irreplaceable vintage pieces that are not only expensive but also unique, consider renting a bank vault. It is a small monthly expense and allows you access to the pieces during bank hours. Granted, this measure robs you of the pleasure you derive from gazing at your find, but when you stand to lose a lot of money and a meaningful piece in the process, it is well worth the inconvenience.
Remember to also practice safety when traveling with your jewelry. You already know that you should store your valuables in the hotel safe, but it is far too common to just place a vintage jewel in a drawer for later wear. Do not do it!
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