How to Protect Your Vintage Jewelry from Damage

When you look through our listings, you frequently notice that we include information about any noticeable damage or repairs that were made to a piece. The majority of the vintage pieces available from Peter Suchy Jewelers are in pristine condition. Some feature the normal wear that is expected from a piece that has been worn and is several decades old.
Is it possible to protect your pristine or lightly worn vintage jewelry? What are the expert’s tips for protecting your investment and the beauty of the jewels?

Store it Well


The quintessential jewelry box is one of the worst places for your vintage jewels. While it may be adequate for hard-plastic costume jewelry, it is an abject failure at protecting carved corals and meticulously harvested Akoya pearlsfrom damage, which includes scratches and discoloration. A better selection is a compartmented box that is lined with a soft fabric. Separate drawers are a big plus for items that should be kept away from air exposure as much as possible.

No Touching!


Actually, this tip refers to the other jewels in your collection. When storing or even wearing your favorite pieces as an ensemble, do not allow the individual jewels to touch one another. Scratches and nicks are inevitable results. If your jewelry box does not allow for this much space, it is time to invest in a larger – or a second – one.

No Tennis! 

It may be called a tennis bracelet, but the vintage piece with the diamonds should really not be worn during a tennis match. Vintage jewelry is also not a good selection when swimming, making a meatloaf or while sleeping. Ornamental in nature, the only jewels that may be able to withstand daily wear are carefully-crafted wedding bands and some engagement rings. 


Clean it Properly

Whatever you do, avoid trying out the Internet recipes for cleaning vintage or antique pieces. While there are a handful of websites that actually guide you correctly, there are plenty more that give you bad advice. Some folks have gone so far to suggest using mayonnaise for cleaning silver (!) pieces when the sulfur compounds contained in the eggs actually react with the silver itself. Instead, call us for any cleaning advice you need. We gladly talk you through the process, suggest appropriate products you can purchase locally or invite you to visit us with the pieces to have them cleaned professionally. Another cleaning mistake is the one-size-fits-all approach. Some silver polish products are great for your silver jewelry but should not be used for also polishing your pearls. Although Ivory flakes are oftentimes acceptable for the latter, be cautious with the amount you use and carefully allow the pearls to air-dry prior to storage.

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