Our Favorite Vintage Pendants for Jewelry Connoisseurs

A pendant is the perfect accessory for any wardrobe. When you are accustomed to dressing chic for work or for a formal occasion, the right pendant has the power to make a huge difference in your appearance. Of course, there are also the pendants that are veritable conversation starters. Our newly listed jewels fit the bill – and more!

Bezel-set Amethyst Triangle


The triangulated setting is made of 14k yellow gold. From top to bottom, the pendant measures 24mm. The deep purple amethyst features a bezel that heightens the beauty of the jewel. The stone itself measures 12mm by 12mm. The setting is stamped with the initials BH, which may point to the jewelry maker.

Two-tone Gold Marquise Pendant with Diamonds 


This remarkable piece was made in the 1950s. At its heart, it is a 14k yellow gold marquise-shaped pendant. Topped with white gold, the latter brings out the bright shine of 17 round diamonds, three of which are full cut while the remainder is single cut. The combined weight of the stones is .25cts. From top to bottom, the pendant measures 22mm. It has a width of 9mm.

White and Yellow Gold Filigree Pin/Pendant with Garnets


An instant conversation starter, this pendant can double as a pin. Made from 18k yellow gold in 1950s Europe, the filigree is accentuated with white gold. There are nine round garnets that weigh a total of 1.0cts. This is a piece that you must see close up to fully appreciate. The white gold accents give the illusion of a sun’s aura.

Quartz Manifestor Crystal Pendant in Pink Gold


Presenting with a soft triangulated shape made of 18k pink gold, this crystal weighs a respectable 60.98cts. From top to bottom, the pendant measures 37.44mm. From side to side, the measurements reach 29.9mm. This is a perfect look when Bohemian chic is your mode of dress. The easily visible inclusion is a rarity, which makes this crystal so special to collectors. In fact, the setting itself was handmade for the stone in the Peter Suchy workshop.

Oblong Manifestor Crystal in a White Gold Frame


The setting for this stone, too, was handmade in our workshop. It features 18k white gold. The crystal itself is a 30.33cts rare manifestor quartz. From side to side, the pendant measures 15mm. From top to bottom, it measures 33.12mm. The edges are slightly rounded. The inclusion is centered. This beautiful piece looks fantastic around the neck.
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