Newly Listed Vintage Earrings!

At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we have once again updated our listings. This time, we focused on earrings. If you are in need of a new pair for your collection – or would just like to see what has been newly listed – take a peek! Vintage Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Earrings   We date […]

Amazing Vintage Tiffany & Co. Bracelets!

Tiffany & Co. is a venerable American powerhouse of jewelry designs. Since its founding in 1837, this designer has delighted the jewelry-buying public with classic styles, luxurious designs and impeccable taste. Whether you are looking for that special centerpiece of your collection or simply want a Tiffany jewel that is suitable for daily wear, Peter […]

Our Favorite Vintage Blue Zircon Jewelry!

The zircon is one of the jewelry business’s best-kept secrets. Although it comes in a variety of colors, zircon-blue is actually one of the most preferred hues. This popularity among buyers in the know has driven up the prices for the stones. But since the topaz is currently the blue gemstone of choice, only few […]

Our Top 5 Vintage Opal Rings Under $400!

Do you need multiple birthday gifts for the month of October? Why not make good use of the opal, which is one of the October birthstones? We have compiled a list of opal rings that are all priced under $400. With prices this low, you might just consider picking one up for yourself! Marquise-Cut Opal […]

Vintage Opals: The Other October Birthstone

If tourmaline is not exactly your cup of tea, relax! Opals are also recognized as being official October birthstones. What sets apart this gemstone from others is the frequently milky white coloration that commonly presents with flashes of color. Other opals lack the white coloration and are instead a translucent study of colors. It is […]

5 Vintage Tourmaline Rings under $500

Loyal readers to this blog already know that the tourmaline is an October birthstone. Not surprisingly, plenty of vintage jewelry buyers are looking to this gemstone when purchasing jewelry to celebrate an upcoming birthday. If you are thinking of giving a gift that is priced under $500, why not consider rings that feature this gem? […]