Vintage Spessartine Garnet Jewels Bring Fall to your Wardrobe

Named after Germany’s area of Spessart, this garnet is famous because of its orange hues. When you look closely, they frequently tend to lean toward the red just a little bit. When the coloration of the orange stone includes strong hues of yellow, it is referred to as a Mandarin garnet. What creates the telltale deep orange color is the sodium contained in the rocks. Sometimes these orange garnets are also referred to as Spessartite although in jewelry circles we like to talk about polished and set stones are Spessartine garnets.
Since fall is traditionally a time during which orange colors are a big deal, we decided to continue our look at the most attractive orange gemstones that we currently have on display. Loyal readers of this blog know that we have already covered orange sapphires; so it is only fair that we now take a closer look at Spessartine garnets.

Brown-Orange Spessartine Garnet and Diamond Ring in White Gold 

This cocktail ring is an amazing example of the brown-orange hues that the garnet may present. Set in 14k white gold, the focal point is an oval Spessartine garnet that weighs 3.27cts. A ring of eight square golden yellow citrines goes halfway down both sides of the band. These stones weigh a combined total of .90cts. Sixteen full-cut diamonds – four on each side of the two citrine bands – add sparkle to this ring. The diamonds weigh a total of .50cts.

Orange Garnet and White Diamond Dangle Earrings in White Gold 


These exquisite dangle earrings are made from 18k solid white gold. Two Spessartite garnets weigh a collective total of 4.01cts and present with the typical bright orange color that makes these gems to desirable. To bring out the beauty of these round stones, 82 full-cut diamonds surround the setting and weigh a collective total of .40cts. If you only look at one piece of orange garnet jewelry today, make it this one.

Yellow-Orange Garnet Routier Necklace 


This 17-inch necklace features an 18k yellow gold catch. The Routier piece is a two-strand jewel, which looks gorgeous around the neck. Weighing in at 125.0cts, about 450 faceted beads display the beauty of Hessonite grossular garnet. Left untreated to display their natural color, each bead measures between 3.2mm to 3.5mm. This necklace comes with a GIA certification. This is a beautiful piece that goes well with Bohemian chic or any other fashion style that calls for beads.

Spessartine Garnet Ring with Diamonds 


If you are thinking of proposing marriage this fall, then this ring might just be your ace in the hole. Set in 18k white gold, the 1.42cts Spessartine garnet displays with a gorgeous orange color. Eight straight baguette-cut diamonds go halfway down the band – four on each side. Another 34 round full-cut diamonds – weighing a total of .60cts – decorate the outer edges of the ring halfway down the band. This is a gorgeous ring that looks stunning on the hand.
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