How to Accessorize Vintage Jewelry

Ask ten different jewelry aficionados about accessorizing pieces the right way, and you will very likely get ten different answers. In fact, accessorizing can be difficult to explain, but it is easy to spot when it is done incorrectly. Since we want our customers to get the most enjoyment and wear out of their prized […]

Vintage Bracelet Stacking for Beginners

There used to be a time when jewelers sold special stacking bracelets among their product selections. The friendly folks at Peter Suchy Jewelers have never gotten into this marketing gimmick. After all, we know something that some consumers may not: every bracelet can be a stacked. This trend comes and goes, but plenty of jewelry […]

How to Wear a Vintage Statement Necklace with Style

Some jewelry aficionados choose their vintage jewelry with certain clothes combinations in mind. Others pick out gorgeous pieces and then later go clothes-shopping to find an outfit that properly helps to display these jewelry finds. If you belong into the latter category, you are the ideal owner of a statement necklace.  Understanding the Look of […]