Our Top 4 Favorite Peter Suchy Designs

While it is a well-known fact that Peter Suchy Jewelers are among the top sellers of rare vintage jewels, it is not as well known that Suchy is also a highly-skilled designer who frequently makes settings for vintage stones. These artistic creations are made with the stone’s era of cutting and shaping in mind. Thus, […]

Pin it with Krementz Vintage Pin!

Do you know the name of the famous jewelry design house that it most commonly associated with the manufacture of pins? While Tiffany & Co. has made quite a few, it is actually Krementz. The exquisite nature of these designer pins is difficult to imitate and has found a loyal following. If you are still […]

Top 5 Holiday Marriage Proposal Mistakes Men Make

At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we know that a large number of our rings are actually purchased by customers who are intending to propose marriage on a holiday occasion. We agree that this is a wonderful plan and one that is most certainly well-received by a like-minded bride-to-be. But there are five holiday marriage proposal mistakes […]

Celebrate Kwanzaa Gift-Giving with Vintage Red, Black and Green Gemstone Jewels

More and more African American families are incorporating Kwanzaa celebrations into their Christmas festivities. This includes gift-giving. If you are thinking of following this trend and choosing vintage jewelry this year, Peter Suchy Jewelers have compiled a list of stunning red, black and green gemstone jewels that embrace Kwanzaa’s symbolism and fit the bill for […]