The 4 Most Breathtaking Vintage Rings That You Will Ever See

Peter Suchy Jewelers are renowned for having an inventory of highly attractive rings. We showcase antique Victorian pieces right along vintage Art Deco jewels that you simply have to see to believe. But every so often there is a ring that comes across Suchy’s desk that has the jeweler sitting back in his high-backed chair to take a closer look. It is a ring that features a perfectly cut gem, showcases a long-forgotten gem cut or is such a faultless example of era-specific style elements that it is breathtakingly beautiful. We want to share with you the four most stunning rings that you are likely to ever set eyes on.

Art Deco Platinum Ring with Diamonds and Ruby

This is an Art Deco ring that exemplifies the understated elegance of the era. The setting material is platinum. Along the sides there are two baguette-cut diamonds that weigh a combined .14cts. But the real showstopper is the all-natural cabochon-cut ruby. Weighing a respectable 17.9cts, it displays a dark purple color with a faint band of light that sits at the center. What sets apart this gemstone from the rest is the fact that it is all natural and has not been enhanced with heat treatments. When you want the real deal, this ring delivers.

Alexandrite and Diamond Ring in a Platinum Setting 

We are cheating a little bit with this ring. The setting was actually made in Peter Suchy’s workshop. In this case, it is the remarkable natural alexandrite that has amazed the expert. Coming to us from a collector, this stone is natural and weighs 5.4cts. This is not a combination that you see very often. The alexandrite is well known to be one of the color-changing stones; this one is no exception. The usual color is a very bright yellowish green. But in the right light, it changes to display pink and blue hues. Two round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing a collective total of 1.31cts flank the alexandrite and add plenty of sparkle to the look.

Pink and Brown Diamond Ring in a Platinum Setting 

Sometimes it is the look of a diamond that makes you catch your breath. Set in platinum, the focal point of this ring is a round ideal-cut diamond weighing 4.01cts. What sets apart this diamond from so many others is the faint brown color that comes with slight pink overtones. This is the kind of gemstone that you might see once or twice in a lifetime. The bead-set split shank sides display 20 full-cut diamonds that weigh a total of .15cts. Look closely at the band, and you cannot help but notice the careful hand-engraving of the piece. We don’t often like to use the term “perfect,” but in this case it applies.

Antique Marcus + Co. Diamond Engagement Ring in a Platinum Setting 

If you want to own a genuine Edwardian engagement ring, then this piece from around 1910 fits the bill. Back in the day, Marcus + Co. was famous for the Edwardian and Art Deco rings that the design house made. It is rare to find one of these designer rings come up for sale. Set in platinum, there are an old-mine brilliant-cut diamond weighing 2.83cts, a round brilliant-cut stone weighing 1.70cts and a circular brilliant-cut diamond weighing 1.74cts. Another four old-European-cut diamonds weigh a collective total of .08cts and add sparkle also to the sides of the setting. This piece is a stunning conversation starter.
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