Valentine’s Day Vintage Jewelry Gifts for the Man in Your Life

There are copious articles that talk about the types of jewelry gifts men should buy for women. But what happens when you are looking to give the man in your life a Valentine’s Day gift this year? Do you have options? Yes, you do. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we keep a sizable inventory of unique vintage pieces that are specifically designed with the masculine wearer in mind.

Men’s Dress Set (cuff links and shirt studs) 

Is your man a careful dresser? Does he like to show off his classiness and chic with starched shirts and understated elegance in the jewelry he wears? If this describes your proposed gift recipient, then this men’s dress set is for you! Handmade in the 1920s, these double-sided onyx cuff links are sophisticated. The platinum rims are engraved for an elegant look. There are three matching shirt studs that measure 7/16 inches in diameter. This set is ideal for the man who wears a tuxedo or suit on frequent occasions.

Men’s Rolex Watch from 1916

This watch is a genuine piece of history from World War I. It features the original Wildorf & Davis case. Since it is made of silver, there is a natural patina that has formed. The case displays an engraving. We speculate that this may have been an officer’s watch. The band is newer and made in France. The Roman numerals are elegant and easy to read. Give this watch to the man who is a history buff, World War I collectibles aficionado or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Masonic Templar Ring 

Here is a ring that you simply do not see very often – if at all. The signet-style ring is made from 18k yellow gold. This ring comes from a Mason’s estate. There is a good chance that it signifies membership in the Knights Templar organization. The front’s engraving displays a detailed likeness of Mount Ararat. Buy him this wonderful collector’s piece that he is sure to treasure forever.

Antique Victorian Signet Ring

Dating back to the 1890s, this signet ring is a Victorian piece of history. The material is 14k pink gold. An eagle motif is carved on either side of the non-engraved top. The detail work of the engravings is second to none. This is a wonderful ring for men of all ages. It is elegant, suitable for daily wear but also appropriate for special occasions when a suit or tux is called for. 
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