Vintage Jewelry-Buying Mistakes Most Men Make

Presenting her with clip post earrings when her ears are not pierced is an embarrassing jewelry-buying mistake that is actually quite common. But the professionals at Peter Suchy Jewelers have noticed that there are some other mistakes that men make, which are not necessarily quite so glaringly obvious. Do you know what they are?

Playing it Safe

You already know that she has a sizable collection of small heart-shaped pendants. So when you are thinking of picking up a Valentine’s Day present this year, you are considering the purchase of a vintage jewel. What do you pick? If you say a “heart-shaped pendant,” then you are one of the men who like to play it safe. You know that she likes the style, and you know the approximate size of the pieces she has. By selecting one that fits right into the mix, you are not sticking your neck out. But you are also not wowing her.
Tip: Break out of your comfort zone! Go for the heart-shaped pendant with the pigeon-blood-red ruby that is a show stopper. Or pick the vintage Tiffany & Co. pendant with the diamonds. In short, give her what she likes but take it into a new direction.

Going for the Rack

If the jewelry styles at the mall store seem to look the same, you are not alone. The styles are very similar in nature, which does not offer a lot of room for variations. When you want to go for an upgrade, be prepared to dig deep into your pocket. Since most budget-conscious shoppers do not want to do that, they make the jewelry-buying mistake of purchasing a somewhat generic-looking ring or other piece that the recipient frequently sees worn by others around the office.
Tip: Head for the vintage jeweler. We have pieces from the Victorian era, Art Deco times and other jewels that you simply do not see anymore. They are usually no longer being made, and there are only few left in existence. In fact, some of our pieces are custom creations.

Overspending or Not Spending Enough

There is an unofficial hierarchy of spending limits in jewelry gift-giving. No, there is no chart printed somewhere. But while an engagement ring and a birthday present are at the top of the chart with respect to money being spent, Thanksgiving hostess gifts are on the opposite end. Valentine’s Day is in the middle. Your spending limit should be determined first by your disposable income and second by the occasion.
Tip: Adjust your jewelry-buying budget in accordance with the occasion. Do not go overboard for a Valentine’s Day gift but then give her only a very modest present for her birthday.
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