How Much Jewelry is Too Much to Wear?

As a jeweler, it would be self-serving to say that there is no such thing as too much jewelry. Yet as a collector and someone with a carefully trained eye for beauty and quality, I must confess that there are indeed times when it is possible to exceed the tasteful limit. It Depends on the […]

All About Vintage Diamonds for April Birthdays

The diamond is the birthstone for April. It is a favorite gem in the jewelry trade. Precious, breathtakingly beautiful and ideal for a wide variety of settings, this stone has fascinated artisans for centuries. In recent decades, the diamond has gotten a bad reputation by becoming associated with a funding source for armed conflicts. The […]

WAG Magazine Meets Peter Suchy and Is Wowed!

WAG, a lifestyle magazine that promises us to be the hub “where class meets sass,” recently visited Peter Suchy Jewelers. Acknowledging the wide variety of jewelry and objets d’art that Suchy keeps under glass, WAG writers soon felt the draw that so many of our customers have felt when a special piece of vintage jewelry […]