5 Unusual Bracelets for Earth Day

Earth Day is a celebration that allows us to show appreciation to Mother Earth. It is also a time when many a celebrant will take the time to become grounded and do a bit of soul-searching. Who are you really? Who do you want to be? If you have always had the urge to explore your whimsical side, why not start your new look with an unusual bracelet that is perfect for the occasion.

Bohemian Garnet Bracelet from the 1930s 

Artisans created this jewel in the 1930s. It features silver with a gold plate covering. Eighty-eight rose-cut garnets display a gorgeous reddish brown color. They are set to create flower petals. These petals surround eight round rose-cut garnets that display the same coloration. The combination details a flower motif. We believe that this is a German bracelet. It looks beautiful on the wrist.

Art Deco Carnelian Bracelet from the 1930s 

In the 1930s, artisans chose three outstandingly beautiful natural carnelians in an orange coloration. They feature brownish tinges and weigh a collective 15.0cts. The links are made up of 14k yellow gold. The look is sophisticated with a tone of capriciousness. If BoHo chic is a new look you would like to try out, add this bracelet to your wardrobe.

Art Deco Onyx Bracelet with Diamonds from the 1920s 

This bracelet is another part of our Art Deco collection. We estimate that its manufacture date was right around the 1920s. The material is 14k white gold. Artisans used the pierced filigree approach to create the individual links. Three diamond-shaped onyxes weigh a combined total of .60cts and display the Calibre cut. Two full-cut round diamonds weigh a combined .08cts. They create a striking counterpoint to the black of the other gemstones.

Tiger Eye and Gold Bracelet from the 1960s 

Imagine wearing a bracelet that looks like it was crafted from twisted leather but really is a study in tiger-eyed perfection. Jewelers created this piece in the 1960s. They started with 14k yellow gold links and settings. They then added four swirl Tiger Eye sections that measure 7.4mm by 3.5mm. The mix of brown, blond and black tones intermixed looks nothing short of stunning. We consider this an ideal Earth Day accessory.

Multi-color Sapphire Bracelet 

One of our most unusual pieces comes right from the Peter Suchy workshop. For the bracelet’s setting, we selected 14k white gold. The material holds 40 multi-colored sapphires with a combined weight of 12.17cts. Colors run the gamut from yellow to pink, violet, purple, blue and green.
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