Victorian Jewelry on a Budget

If the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration has inspired you to purchase a gorgeous Victorian jewel for the mom in your life, Peter Suchy Jewelers has an inventory for any taste. Yet what do you do when you are also on a strict budget? No problem! We have put together a collection of our most beautiful […]

What are the Oddest Jewelry Materials?

The beauty of jewelry is frequently in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, it can be the materials that go into the creation of the pieces that add or detract from a broader appeal. That said, it might also be the intended use of the piece that can make a jewel attractive or a bit […]

What is Rubelite?

It is a common misconception that rubelite is somehow connected to the ruby. Instead, this name points to a type of tourmaline that comes in a stunning pink color. This is not any kind of pink. Rather, the pink of the rubelite must be vibrant, strong and deep. It is one of the types of […]

What’s New in Peter Suchy’s Inventory?

One of the most exciting aspects of hunting for just the right vintage jewel is the consistency with which new pieces hit the shelves. Just recently, Peter Suchy Jewelers added another four great pieces that are as delightful as they are unique. Gold Purse Pendant with Ruby and Diamonds  It is rare to run across […]

Freshwater Pearls from US Rivers? Yes!

Loyal readers of this blog were surprised to read about Mississippi River fresh water pearls that we featured in our post about Mother’s Day gifts for the mother in law. Although these pearls have been known for a long time now, many jewelry buyers still associate the purchase of a pearl with a piece that hails […]

Avoid These 5 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Mistakes

Every holiday is fraught with its very own pitfalls. Each year, we talk to sheepish gift givers who admit that their store-bought rack jewelry gifts fell flat and that now they needed something to really knock mom’s socks off. As a vintage jeweler, I understand. Let’s make this year’s Mother’s Day great from the start. […]

Vintage Emerald Jewelry at a Bargain Price

Are you looking for a great May birthstone jewel? Do you want to surprise someone special with an emerald? Are you on a budget? We can help! Bargain-priced emerald jewelry is not out of reach! Emerald Earrings in Basket Settings  These Peter Suchy originals feature 14k white gold basket settings. The emeralds come from a […]