All about Emeralds

In addition to being the birthstone for the month of May, the emerald is one of the types of stones that find a presence in lore, myth and legends. Records show that it was already in usage as a jewelry gem right around 330 B.C. During this time, Egypt laid claims to its mines and oversaw the trade of the gem. Before long, this stone entered the sacred rites of the Egyptians. Finds from various archeological sites presented researchers with emeralds that depict the likenesses of the goddess Isis and the scarab beetle.
Fast forward to the 12th century and thereafter. In this setting, magicians were on the search of the gem’s secret powers. One power, it has been suggested, is the stone’s ability to heal the eyes with its green color. Others pointed out that wear of the gemstone could change someone’s personality for the better. A quarrelsome man would be more likely to be friendly. A person lacking intelligence would enjoy a sharpened wit. With respect to curative powers, early faith healers claimed that the emerald has the power to counteract epileptic seizures.

It is interesting to note that you may have run across stories featuring the emerald under a different name. Languages claiming Latin descent frequently call the emerald a smaragd. As such, it entered the lore of countless fairy tales that storytellers told and printed in Europe over the centuries. In tales of enchantments, the smaragd (or emerald) is a common participant. It may give away a dishonest merchant, an untrue wife or a spell-casting meddler. As you read the histories of the early Incas, Egyptians and Indian moguls, you find that the emerald – much more so than other gems – gets frequent mentions.
Modern day icons of royalty and the silver screen are known as being avid emerald collectors. While they may not believe in the lore that storytellers long ago attached to the gems, there is just something different about this stone. Marlene Dietrich’s 97-carat emerald clip was a jaw dropper back in her days during “Desire.” Nowadays, the emerald is the stone of choice for those born in the month of May. Brides may expect emerald jewelry for a 20thor a 35th wedding anniversary. 

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