All About the Calibre Cut

We recently featured some jewelry that included gems with the calibre cut. This is a term that you do not hear a lot these days. In the vintage jewelry business, of course, it is a commonly used moniker for certain stones. What is the calibre cut and why should you consider adding some jewelry featuring this look to your collection?

Primary vs. Secondary

The calibre cut is not a primary cut. Examples of a primary cut include the rose or the old-mine cut. Jewelry makers use it on gemstones that become the focal point of a piece. The design of the setting, the cuts of other gems and even the color selection ensure that a stone with a primary cut catches the eye.
A secondary cut is a frequent sight with smaller stones. They support or enhance the look of a primary gem. You find secondary-cut stones in clusters, paves or other supporting roles. The calibre cut is a secondary cut and expertly fulfills this supporting role.

The Beauty is in the Details

This brings us to the second point. Why should you add calibre-cut gemstone jewelry to your collection? The answer is simple: for the detail work. Rather than just focusing on the primary gems, enjoy the meticulous design involved in a piece featuring calibre-cut stones.
We consider them very much like an expertly done puzzle with carefully shaped stones that dazzle with their beauty while becoming a piece of a much larger design. In many cases, these stones become part of an overall motif. At other times, you may notice them as part of a design display that highlights either a stone’s natural beauty or underscores an artisan’s ability with respect to jewelry design and stone cutting.

Variety of Uses

When you look at pieces featuring calibre-cut stones, you open up a world of amazing designs. Design intricacy is the hallmark of a jewel calling for this type of visual support from a wide array of stones. It is interesting to note that there is not one type of stone reserved for the cut.
In fact, there are plenty of examples of multiple stone types within one design, which are taking on a secondary cut to support the beauty of the whole. Moreover, you will notice that there are specialty shapes chosen for the stones. Many of them are triangular or rectangular. Since this is a rather uncommon look, it once again serves to accentuate the complexity of the design.
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