Avoid These 5 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Mistakes

Every holiday is fraught with its very own pitfalls. Each year, we talk to sheepish gift givers who admit that their store-bought rack jewelry gifts fell flat and that now they needed something to really knock mom’s socks off. As a vintage jeweler, I understand. Let’s make this year’s Mother’s Day great from the start. I will share with you the top five gift-giving mistakes I have heard over the years from my clients, and you promise to avoid them.
  1. Procrastination. The only thing worse than waking up on Mother’s Day morning and seeing the notation on the calendar is the mad dash to the mall jeweler for a quick trinket. Plan for Mother’s Day now; today! At Peter Suchy Jewelers, you get free next-day air shipping on all purchases over $1,000. Take advantage of this offer and ensure that your gift item makes it to mom in plenty of time.
  1. One-size-fits-all approach. Do you know what is wrong with the heart-shaped necklace advertised in the consumer goods big box store’s weekly mailer? It is mass-produced. The attitude of one-size-fits-all fails to take into account mom’s unique taste, which she has honed during a lifetime of experiences. Vintage jewelry frequently features pieces that are unique or at least so rare that you will go years – or decades – without running into someone who has another one just like it.
  1. Lack of imagination. The bargain store’s Mother’s Day gift basket is the typical last minute present of the giver who simply does not know what to get mom. Why not take a peek at her wardrobe or jewelry box? It tells you everything you need to know about her taste. If all else fails, a heart-shaped jewel from Tiffany & Co. never falls flat and always outdoes a generic gift basket.

  1. Style errors. Even the best vintage cocktail ring may not work well when it fails to tickle your mom’s eclectic taste. Did you know that we offer design services that let mom sit in the driver’s seat of her jewelry design? Give mom the gift of the ideal jewel that is customized to her specifications.

  1. Lack of value. Believe it or not, but mom is frugal. Do not equate this with cheap. Mom will appreciate a canary yellow diamond ring as much as the next person, but she does not want you to overpay. Instead, she wants to know that the jewel is an excellent value for the price you paid. Our jewels are priced with value in mind. We do not just want to sell you our amazing pieces, but we also want you to feel great about buying them.
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