Our Favorite Art Deco Jewels Featuring Calibre-cut Stones

As we have previously discussed, the calibre cut is a secondary means of cutting gems to support another stone or design. Consider them the jigsaw pieces that make up the whole of the motif. Although somewhat rare in modern jewelry, they used to be a staple in other times. Peter Suchy Jewelers have put together a listing of our favorite Art Deco jewels with calibre-cut stones.

Art Deco/Edwardian Ring with Diamonds 

This ring was made right around 1910. This puts it at the end of the Edwardian age and the beginning of the Art Deco era. The ring’s setting is platinum, which is a favorite material of Art Deco artisans. Look closely, and you cannot miss the intricacy of the filigree work. The focal point is the cushion-cut diamond that weights in at .73cts. Four old-European-cut diamonds weigh a collective .04cts.
Two of them flank the center stone above and below while the other two are set to the sides. What turns this jewel into a showstopper is the collection of four blue sapphire baguettes that feature a calibre cut. They weigh a collective .07cts. It is their blue color as well as the ideal fit to the sides of the main gem that makes this ring pop.

Art Deco Ring Featuring Sapphires and Diamonds 

This 1930s ring starts with an 18k white gold setting. It features a mix of filigree and detail work all around the top and down the sides. The top displays in the form of a square. Two European-cut diamonds weigh a total of .10cts and are the focal points of the design. Supporting their appearances are two calibre-cut blue sapphires weighing a combined .40cts. The intricacy of the setting’s design immediately draws the eyes. However, it is the setup of the sapphires that keeps them there.

Art Deco White Gold Bracelet with Onyxes and Diamonds 

Created right around the 1930s, this bracelet starts with a 14k white gold setting. Its links display painstakingly crafted filigree piercing work. Drawing the eye with sparkle are seven full-cut diamonds weighing a combined .50cts. Underscoring the intricacies of the design and acting as visual counterpoints to the bright diamonds are 13 black rectangular onyxes featuring the calibre cut.
Their combined weight is 3.0cts. It is the combination of the cuts as well as the filigree work that turns this into an extraordinary example of Art Deco design. If you only look at one jewel featuring calibre-cut stones today, make it this one.
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