Our Favorite Vintage Jewels Featuring American River Pearls

Having recently piqued our readers’ interest in American river fresh water pearls, we wanted to show off some of our favorite pieces featuring them. (By the way, they all make wonderful Mother’s Day presents!)

Vintage Victorian Pendant Featuring River Pearls, Diamonds and a Peridot


Dating back to the 1900s, artisans used platinum as well as 14k pink gold to create this pendant. At the center of the piece is a green cushion-cut peridot that weighs 1.0cts. Thirty old-cut diamonds stud the piece and weigh a collective .20cts. They bring plenty of shine to the table. The true marvels are the three pearls. The large one displays the shape of a rice corn. The other two are smaller and present in the shape of miniaturized beans. They are all Tennessee River pearls.

Rare Unio Pearl Bracelet 

Back in the 1900s, when this bracelet was made, the unio pearl was common in the jewelry trade. Today, the freshwater pearl mussel that grows them is endangered. At home in New England, these mussels are known for their long life spans that are said to reach 250 years. While it would be unheard of today to use unio pearls, you can still own this piece of American history. Four naturally shaped pearls delight with their luster. The setting material is 14k yellow gold.

1940s Earrings Featuring Gold, Pearls and a Floral Motif 

Artisans created these 14k yellow gold clip post earrings in the 1940s. They carefully worked the gold to give it the quality of a flower’s outer texture. Ten American fresh water pearls represent the flowers’ inner petals or perhaps the stamens. They do so perfectly because of their elongated shapes. Measuring 27mm in length and 23mm in width, these earrings look beautiful. Wear them for special occasions.

Gold Ring Featuring Diamonds and Fresh Water Pearls 

Look closely, and you cannot help but notice the design elements of the 1950s, which is the decade during which jewelers created this ring. The setting is made from 18k yellow gold. There are five round diamonds that feature a combined weight of .40cts. They are carefully placed into the setting. Also included in the setting are four natural Tennessee fresh water pearls. It is fair to say that this ring is unique since it adapts to the look of the pearls by the shape of the setting. If you only look at one pearl ring today, make it this one.
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