Why the Hoopla over Synthetic Gems?

Would you buy an emerald pendant if you knew that the stone was an imitation – or perhaps a synthetic version of the real thing? The odds are good that you would not. In fact, reputable jewelers go to great lengths to have their stones authenticated prior to offering them for sale. What is the […]

When Only Natural Emeralds Will Do

When you like your gemstones polished but not necessarily forced into a uniform shape, the natural look is right up your alley. Natural emeralds are excellent additions to your BoHo chic wardrobe, for that peasant blouse you have been waiting to accessorize with just the right necklace or for the low-cut evening gown that shows […]

An Emerald Ring for a May Birthday

The emerald is the official birthstone for those celebrating in May. At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we have put together a collection of the five most breathtakingly beautiful emerald rings that would commemorate this occasion with style, chic and pizzazz. Art Deco Emerald Ring with Diamonds in Platinum  Made in the 1920s, this Art Deco masterpiece […]

All about Emeralds

In addition to being the birthstone for the month of May, the emerald is one of the types of stones that find a presence in lore, myth and legends. Records show that it was already in usage as a jewelry gem right around 330 B.C. During this time, Egypt laid claims to its mines and […]

All About the Calibre Cut

We recently featured some jewelry that included gems with the calibre cut. This is a term that you do not hear a lot these days. In the vintage jewelry business, of course, it is a commonly used moniker for certain stones. What is the calibre cut and why should you consider adding some jewelry featuring […]

5 Unusual Bracelets for Earth Day

Earth Day is a celebration that allows us to show appreciation to Mother Earth. It is also a time when many a celebrant will take the time to become grounded and do a bit of soul-searching. Who are you really? Who do you want to be? If you have always had the urge to explore […]

What is the Best Type of Ring Metal?

Gold, platinum, and silver are the big players in the jewelry business. Artisans have used the metals since time immemorial as carefully worked displays for gemstones. Without such stones, the metal oftentimes became a canvas for a motif that called for polished, matte and other looks. Yet is there a perfect ring metal? Is there […]